V-Day fashion picks for every fashionista


V-Day fashion picks for every fashionista
(Left) Aquazurra's Wild Thing Sandals and (Right) Tiffany & Co. Bow Pendant in White Gold.
Aquazzurra and Tiffany & Co.'s Instagram

Coupled up or not, some of us can be Valentine's snobs. We like to think we are above this time of sappy songs and various hearts.

True, we should express our love and appreciation for the special people in our lives every day. It doesn't hurt to get a little motivation, especially when our days turn a little too humdrum.

It also helps when we start with ourselves. I like to think that V-Day collections are a welcome invitation to add something nice to your wardrobe.

It's a great excuse to splurge on Valentine's because it your ruse can be doing research on what to get for your loved ones.

With me so far? Great.

Your rewards are found as you scroll down below.

Aquazurra Wild Thing Sandals

It's being copied and it's almost a staple for when you need to break the monotony of a monochromatic look.

The classic red of the shoes with the thin, flirty straps make this a good cocktail night essential. 

Longchamp Love & Kiss Tote

Photo: Longchamp

Alternate your black office tote with this delicate pink one.

Why? Because it's Valentine's?

Yes but mostly because it's cute but not in-your-face.

Tiffany & Co. Bow Pendant in White Gold

As Matthew McConaughey once empowered women in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, it's all about being able to "Frost yourself."

Do so with the delicate pendant that will be easy to wear with a black dress or with a white work top. 

John Hardy Modern Chain Bracelets

If you want a statement piece that would suit your casual dress or your formal attire, these bracelets would do the job.

Michael Kors Lon Sunglasses

CaptionPhoto: Credits

These mirrored aviator shades will be great as the sun is getting brighter as we approach summer.

See, it's not just about buying things out of whim but also making an investment for seasons to come!

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