A few months before the delivery, she had been forced to marry the man who raped and impregnated her. -Korea Herald/ANN
An Internet user posted a written guarantee demanded by her daughter, promising to love her even after second child is born. -China Daily/ANN
90 per cent of the Shanghai's women of child-bearing age are allowed to have a second baby, but only 5 per cent have submitted applications. -...
Parents of children in Chinese primary schools are fine with caning as a punishment, as long as it is not excessive. -The Star/ANN
I am a mother of two but I am least excited about housekeeping and child rearing. -The Star/ANN
China's high abortion rate has triggered public concerns over sex education for young people. -China Daily/ANN
There are a few sheets of paper that never fail to pique the interest of first-time visitors to our home. -ST
Selma Alkaff makes her professional stage this week and is thankful for her parents' support. -ST
While they get fewer perks than married mothers, single mothers have no regrets giving birth to their kids. -TNP
Father-and-child bonding activities are gaining popularity in schools. -ST
But high costs of raising kids keeping many from taking advantage of one-child policy change. -ST