She later discovered bruises on her daughter's body, including on her hands and legs. -The Star/ANN
She is a great example to senior citizens, to encourage them to keep fit and have an active lifestyle. -Stomp
Lee Fong is forever grateful to her mother, who worked very hard through the poor days and never complained. -Stomp
The Marina Bay floating platform was transformed into a giant spa Sunday where hundreds of mothers turned up to perform a soothing massage for their...
Lim Lay Poh, 53, will always be grateful to her mother for sticking by her side and taking care of their schizophrenic father over the years. -Stomp
China is considering a ban on advertisements for infant milk formula in a bid to tackle low levels of breast feeding. -Reuters
There is much to be said for the deep learning and satisfaction that occur when one deliberately chooses to do something the hard way. -ST
The "Swedish with Baby" programme is aimed at both immigrants and Swedes on parental leave, offering them a chance to get together once a...
Coming from the Normal (Academic) stream made playwright Faith Ng an overchiever in junior college. -ST
Carry a child correctly in a sling or carrier to reduce the likelihood of strain and discomfort. -ST