Half-sister confirms phone call from Anita Sarawak on Tuesday, reassuring her that the singer is doing fine. -TNP
The entertainer says he gave his former wife millions of dollars but was forced to sue her when she cut him off. -ST
There were some striking looks off the runway at Singapore Fashion Week. -Urban, ST
As part of Singapore Fashion Week, which ended last Sunday, several fashion talks were held at Lasalle College of the Arts. -Urban, ST
The New Paper New Face is back for its 23rd edition where two of the New Face alumni will be judging the walk-in audition held at Bugis+ on June 13...
His dressing style is mostly simple and his fashion palette is largely monochrome. -Urban, ST
A charity tribute concert will take place in Tokyo on Saturday, during which the audience will be able to see a 3-D hologram of the singer. -Japan...
Hollywood actor George Clooney got married last year with his British-Lebanese human rights lawyer-wife Amal Alamuddin. -TNP
Fung Bo Bo, who has been in show business for most of her life, is thankful for fans' affection. -ST
UK actress has established herself as a tough-yet-vulnerable heroine able to hold her own against big male stars. -AFP
This year, 29 ladies from all over the country are vying for the title and the P300,000 prize package. -PDI/ANN