A bride in Jiangsu province's Changzhou city arrives in a helicopter to meet her groom at a hotel. -China Daily/ANN
The 19-year-old student from Shanghai Donghua University is crowned Miss Universe China, 2014. -China daily/ANN
Pint-sized, bubbly singer Ariana Grande says negative publicity is part and parcel of being in the big league. -ST
Hong Kong TV actress Linda Chung (right) ditches her nice-girl persona for bolder, edgier roles. -TNP
Italian film legend Sophia Loren inaugurated an exhibition in Mexico showing off personal treasures. -AFP
Lee, who stayed in Paris for two weeks, returned to Korea on Tuesday. -Korea Herald/ANN
She credits her parents for always believing in her passion for the arts. -TNP
She has not been seen in public since her second pregnancy was announced earlier this month. -AFP
Singer Yumiko Cheng and husband, Andy Leung, got married in a star-studded grand wedding affair on Sept 5. -Lollipop
Elva Hsiao revealed that she sent her ex-boyfriend Kai Ko words of encouragement via text message during his recent drug scandal. -Lollipop
The 46-year-old actress was asked if her husband would cheer her up with magic tricks. -Lollipop