Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner said last week that he identifies as a woman. -Reuters
Zoe Tay, the Queen of Caldecott Hill and Her World's cover girl for April, tells the magazine about Instagram, ageing and who should be the next...
Li Enxi Danae, who is from Zhengzhou, remained unperturbed by the negative comments, attributing them to females who are envious of her looks. -TNP
The movie helped Salma Hayek explore relationship with late Lebanese grandfather who adored the book that inspired it. -Reuters
A Malaysian woman seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to actress Cecilia Cheung. -Lollipop
More women are helming the bars in the bartending world. -ST
She is dressed from head to toe in black for the interview with Urban. -Urban
Just a month after television host Elaine Ng was arrested on suspicion of child abuse, her relationship with her teen daughter, Etta, is in crisis...
She has hit back at critics by posting images of herself without any makeup. -Stomp
It could happen all over again within days to celebrate the birth of the queen’s fifth great-grandchild. -AFP