Follow the example of Madonna, for whom age is just a number. -TNP
Superstar Carrie Underwood announced the birth of her first child with her husband, the hockey player Mike Fisher. -AFP
She shared a photo of the newborn's tiny hand clasping her finger, and another of the baby sleeping. -ST
First lady Michelle Obama will travel to Japan and Cambodia this month as part of a US global effort to support education for girls. -Reuters
Local swimwear label K.BLU is among the few swimwear labels designed with Asian women in mind. -Urban, ST
It was returned last Friday by the thief, who tipped off celebrity news site after finding out that the pearls on the dress were fake. -AFP/...
The show's invitation featured a drawing of some affectionate young thing beaming at its mummy. -AFP
In the 20-episode crime thriller, the actresses play best friends who pretend to be a lesbian couple in order to stave off prospective matchmaking...
TVB stars Aimee Chan, 33, and Moses Chan, 43, welcomed their second son, Nathan Lucas, in Hong Kong on Thursday. -ST
Survivors of acid attacks in India find support and reason to live at group set up by couple. -ST
Hong Kong singer Gigi Leung and her Spanish husband of three years welcomed a girl on Saturday. -AsiaOne