Shining bright on Instagram


Shining bright on Instagram
Instagram/Rachel Wong

Call these three Instagram stars part of the Kylie Jenner generation - women whose social media followings rival that of street-style stars, thanks to their good looks, come-hither outfits and sexy photographs.

Followers: 164,000

Wong calls Kylie Jenner a role model, saying: "She is young, so smart for her age and a great businesswoman."

The 23-year-old could also be Singapore's closest answer to Jenner. With a penchant for experimenting with make-up, Wong's #lipgame is one of the first things you will notice on her Instagram account - from metallic blue to amethyst, she has tried them all.

It is little surprise then, that she has become a hit influencer with beauty brands such as Dior, Urban Decay and Kat Von D Beauty.

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Meanwhile, her "hypebae" sense of style - think trendy streetwear labels such as Supreme - have caught the attention of sponsors such as Kenzo and Zara.

The one thing she wished people knew about her: "That I really enjoy a good game of poker."

What you would be surprised to know about her: "I did ballet until Grade 7, before I hurt my back (and was forced to quit)."

Why she labels herself a dreamer: "I find it hard to concentrate, and people have said that it seems like I am always daydreaming. It is probably cause it is a dream to be able to post photos for a living."

If social media did not exist: "I would still be taking photos, because I love doing so. They might not be so much of myself though, but of others."

Followers: 211,000

Photo: Instagram/Isabel Tan

The number says it all - Tan, 21, is Instagram royalty.

Her account is a heady brew of risque and lingerie-inspired looks - and she has the body to go with the territory - coupled with a tight curation of wanderlust-inducing pictures from her extensive travels.

According to Tan, her career as an influencer had her travelling approximately 50 times last year alone.

Among them was a trip sponsored by British make-up house Rimmel to London in November, where she got to hobnob with supermodel and brand ambassador Cara Delevingne.

How her sexy persona has affected her in real life: "It has helped me be more comfortable in my own skin. Naturally, with that comes confidence and, in turn, having more fun at work and in life. Nothing negative has come out of it. Everyone likes being around people with good energy."

One popular misconception about her: "People always think I am older than I actually am."

On being an Instagram star: "I hate labels. I am just someone having fun being creative on my account, and then lucky enough to work with some cool brands I love."

The most significant project of her career thus far: "Netflix sent me to Bogota, Colombia, to interview Wagner Moura and Boyd Holbrook from the cast of Narcos.

"It was incredible to get a little peek at how the show comes to life, and how talented the team is.

"It was also my first interview ever. Hopefully, there will be many more."

Followers: 38,600

Photo: Instagram/Kate Yong

In terms of number of active years as an influencer, Yong, 23, is the fledgling of the trio here - she really started getting into curating her account only in April 2015.

Still, it is hard to deny her social media clout.

Since last October, her following has doubled, and she puts it down to conscientiously updating her account daily.

The list of brands that have tapped her for collaborations include Adidas, Superga and the trendy Los Angeles-based e-commerce retailer Revolve (think Nasty Gal, but bigger.)

Like street-style's brightest stars, Yong is now working on her own clothing line, which will launch later this year.

"Expect simple clothes - staples essentially - but with an edge. Like ripped jeans," Yong said.

Who she thinks are sexy: "Megan Fox (for obvious reasons), but also Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961), where she showed off her vulnerable side. I think being unafraid to do so is sexy."

Her social media role model: "(British-born Chinese beauty blogger/YouTube star) Lindy Tsang, also known as Bubzbeauty, because she is funny and always positive."

Why she labels herself a dreamer: "Because (before Instagram) the idea of being able to reach out to people so far away was a dream."

Her profession of choice: "A doctor... or a babysitter. Babies are so cute, and I have never minded cleaning up their mess."

This article was first published on Mar 28, 2017.
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