I feel discouraged when I think about the large differences in our living standards. -Japan News/ANN
Your HDB flat - one of your biggest assets - is going to be affected. -MoneySmart
Woman is hanging onto her marriage because of her boys, but she doesn't want them to see her crying every night. -The Star/ANN
It no longer matters how strained the relationship with your mum-in-law is. If you want to heal the rift, Dr Richard C.Woolfson can help you. -Young...
Home tells the story of Malaysians Aadil Marzani and Nik Nurul Athirah keeping in touch via social media despite the distance.
I suspected my hubby was having an affair with a colleague, R, who is married with two daughters. -The Star/ANN
The 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, a month regarded as the best time astrologically for Hindu weddings. -Kathmandu Post/ANN
The couple communicated only on matters pertaining to the children and home. -ST
Being fit is now more valued than merely looking good. -The Star/ANN
She wants a financially stable man. And doesn't know if she still loves him. - The Star/ANN
An amusing advertisement about a marriage proposal was spotted outside an industrial building in Paya Lebar on May 21. -Stomp