Stay-at-home mum Angie*, 38, has not had sex with her husband for three years. -Simply Her
An increasing number of Chinese women are choosing to have children later in life, but experts are warning that postponing pregnancy can lead to a...
Eva Chou took a ride in a Taitung hot air balloon yesterday, fulfilling the promise she made to her late boyfriend, Lin Yi-tai. -The China Post/ANN
Malaysian superstar Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh is planning to marry her fiance Datuk Jean Todt at the end of this year or early next year. -The Star/ANN
The sisters realised that the woman was sexting a man saved as "Nancy" in her phone. -TNP
Under the negative influence of my friends, I started to smoke and watch pornography. -The Star/ANN
An employee troubled by a superior at work who sits right behind me and sighs more than 100 times a day. -Japan News/ANN
I feel irritated every time my husband says something I didn't cook is great. -Japan News/ANN