Man behind more than 100 proposals and new reality TV series gets girlfriend after 3 years of not having one. -TNP
Every time she thinks about a friend that fell ill or after visiting him, her throat feels tight and her heart is heavy. -ST
More attempts were made last year by couples who sought help, compared to 2012, as fertility treatments are now cheaper with increased state funding...
The New Paper on Sunday meets three couples who say that, yes, the lifestyle is real and it has even kept their relationship going. None wanted to be...
Couples buy wedding insurance to protect themselves against last-minute emergencies on their big day. -TNP
Mr Mac Ho and his wife tied the knot within a fortnight after they met. Their union surprised many. -ST
Three dozen middlemen who arranged sham marriages to help foreigners extend their stay here have been convicted in the past two years. -ST
Cheating is never a good thing but what makes it worse is when it is posted on Facebook for the whole world to see. -Lollipop
Some of these activities include simple pleasures like appreciating a glass of wine together or signing up for a cooking class. -AsiaOne
Ms Cheng said that she has been putting up these elaborate decorations for three years. -TNP
OWC caused a furore four years ago when they pitched sex lessons to help wives "serve their husbands better than a first-class prostitute"...