The root of many arguments, memory is affected by mood and emotions. -Wall Street Journal
The owner of the vehicle is now worried no one would want to rent that particular car in the future. -The Star/ANN
During their three month journey, the couple hope to visit 11 countries to have 38 wedding ceremonies. -TNP
Managing your money as a couple takes mutual trust and shared goals. -The Star/ANN
When the unexpected happens service providers should not be so calculating, given the woeful circumstances. -ST
Words spoken in a moment of anger led to break-up of relationship with girl he loved dearly. -The Star/ANN
They say that love is blind, and these celebrity couples are perfect proof of that.
A new study has found that expat life can exacerbate existing problems in a marriage. -WSJ
Women are not on equal ground with men if they cannot even walk on the streets alone without fear. -The Star/ANN
For the next five years after my divorce, I channelled all my energy into building my business which prospered and I am now quite wealthy. -The Star/...
Simply Her helps you find ways to make your husband healthier. -Simply Her